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Welcome to Today in Ag: The Ultimate Agriculture News Source on KECO Radio 96.5FM

Hosted by Jimmy Clark, An Expert in Farming, Ranching, and Agriculture Life

Get ready to tune in to the ultimate agriculture news source on KECO Radio 96.5FM. Hosted by Jimmy Clark, Today in Ag brings you the latest updates on farming, ranching, and agriculture-related news twice daily, Monday to Friday.

Jimmy is not only a seasoned farmer and rancher, but also an expert in the agriculture industry. He knows everything there is to know about farming, ranching, and agriculture life, and he knows how to talk about it on the radio.

Jim and Debbie Davis

Lots of Aspects Involved in Farming and Ranching, Covered on Today in Ag

There are many aspects involved in farming and ranching, and Today in Ag covers them all. From hay production and cattle sales to cotton farming and peanut raising, Jimmy covers everything related to the agriculture industry.

A Fun and Informative Show for All Audiences

Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or rancher, a high school student interested in raising animals, or just someone who enjoys learning about agriculture, Today in Ag is the show for you.

With Jimmy’s wealth of knowledge and expertise, you can trust that you’re getting the most accurate and up-to-date information on the farming and ranching industry. And with Jimmy’s love for agriculture and his entertaining way of presenting the news, you’ll have fun learning about the latest developments in Western Oklahoma’s agriculture industry.

An Inside Look at the Agriculture Industry with Jimmy Clark

On Today in Ag, Jimmy gives you an inside look at the agriculture industry. One day, he may talk about cattle — sale prices, processors making more money than the guy raising the animals, vaccinations, feed, and more. The next day, he may talk to high school kids raising animals. And on other days, he will cover cotton farming and peanut raising.

With Jimmy’s passion for agriculture and his entertaining way of presenting the news, Today in Ag is a show you won’t want to miss. So tune in to KECO Radio 96.5FM at 7 and 10 am every weekday to join Jimmy and learn about the latest developments in the agriculture industry in Western Oklahoma.


Army Worms

With this warm weather comes insects. Army worms have been spotted in different parts of western Oklahoma. Keep a eye on your crops.

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