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Road Work Could Slow Down Holiday Travel

May 27, 2022 By News Director Jared Atha Oklahoma Department of Transportation officials want to make commuters this holiday weekend of ongoing construction projects that could slow down travel.

Agriculture Updates

Agriculture News Update Show Title
Hot and Windy!

Good morning! Hot and windy today! Highs in the low 90’s with winds this afternoon out of the south 15-20 mph. Live cattle this morning. June-132.40, August 132.60, Oct-138.17, Dec-143.82. Feeder cattle. August-166.67, Sept-169.72. Cash […]

Agriculture News Update Show Title
Rain Showers this Morning

Good morning! Light rain showers are moving through parts of the listening area. Along with cooler weather ground moisture is soaking in nicely from recent rains. Live cattle this morning. June-133.30, August-133.03, Oct-138.82,, Dec-144.47. Feeder […]

Agriculture News Update Show Title

Good morning! Looks like everyone in our listening area received a great rain! Most areas got anywhere from 1″ to over 3′. Oklahoma cash grain prices this morning. HRW-11.96, Corn-7.65, Milo-7.55, Soybeans-16.18. Live cattle. June-133.02, […]

the Skinny on Sports

The Skinny on Sports
PGA Championship Leaderboard

For a record-setting 5th time, Southern Hills in Tulsa is playing host to this week’s PGA Championship, the year’s 2nd major. The Par 70 track has been restored since the last time it hosted the […]

Today in Ag

Today in Ag Radio Show
Retail Meat Sales Still High

Slaughter Cattle Retail meat prices are still high but lower then last year. Slaughter cattle are number are still high because of demand.

Today in Ag Radio Show
Interview: Jason Bollinger

US Senate Candidate Jason covered topics like climate change, input cost, wildfires and droughts. He also talked about the new Ag bill next year in Washington DC.

Today in Ag Radio Show
Interview: Rylee Broadbent

Agriculture Communications Rylee is a intern this summer at B&L Red Angus. She is attending OSU and is currently studying Ag Communications.

Today in Ag Radio Show
Rain Rain!

100% Chance of Rain Rain chances are really good for the next few days. The US Drought monitor update shows us still in a D3-D4. Cattle are off also because of the corn prices.

Photos from Events

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Golfers gather for refreshments beneath the Moran Equipment Tent ...Read more

  • Nathan Brewer enjoyed watching The Ultimate, Jim Traber, do the Skinny on Sports show at Barber-Dyson Ford.

  • Jared and Aaron (Skinny) hosted The Ultimate, Jim Traber, on theier KADS AM Skinny on Sports show at Barber-Dyson Ford.

  • Jared and Aaron (Skinny) hosted The Ultimate, Jim Traber, on theier KADS AM Skinny on Sports show at Barber-Dyson Ford.

  • WINNER!: Congrats Anthony! QUESTION was: What year was Kacey the Intern born? ANSWER: 2004 (😮) Be listening to the Backroads with Drew! At 4:30pm, he’s giving away this Miller Lite ice chest, a party pack of cups, and a $100 Gift certificate to Simons Catch! Be ready to text your answer to the trivia question When it’s given! 580-225-9697

  • Had a good Thanksgiving lunch today at Mt.Man Axe throwing. Cory, Christie, and their whole crew just make it special every time we come in. Today was awesome because we got to try the New Thanksgiving pizza that Cory concocted and believe it or not it was really good. We had a great time and if you listen to Jimmy Clark on Today in Ag on Friday, I'm sure he will let you know who won the Axe throwing tournament.

  • He's been doing it for years and still loves it. Every year State Tournament falls on his Birthday and he celebrates it with Gold and Silver Balls at the Big House. Happy Birthday Shawn Wilson!

  • Station Manger Gabe Edney awards prize to young fisher at 8th Annual Kids' Fishing Derby

  • Exploring Energy Radio Show Host Shawn Wilson sits in his golf cart at the 2021 KECO/Moran Equipment Open

  • Red Knights' gather at Red Knight Corner on the Elk City golf course

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