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radio switchboard

We are happy you are interested in advertising your business on KECO radio, a tried-and-true marketing channel for businesses looking to promote a message to a broad audience. We have packages available for businesses of all types.

Radio advertising

Increase brand awareness and reach a local, targeted market by calling 580-225-9696 to be a part of any of our daily programs.

The Early Morning Show, Exploring Energy Show, Tradio Radio, The Backroads, and more are available!

Sports broadcast affiliate advertising

Supporting high school sports is a great way for your business to give back to the community and be a part of the game.

We video broadcast Elk City High School Sports and many local schools’ basketball, football, and other sports games as well.

Be a part of the game with an on-screen logo or in-game video commercial.

Begin advertising on our local sports programs BigElkTV and by calling 580-225-9696 or emailing us.

Digital Marketing

Our on-site digital ads regularly get 50k impressions per month. If you’re looking for sales, and want to direct eyes to your website email us to begin advertising on