Shawn Wilson

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  • Shawn Wilson calls the baseball game at the Dream League field at Elk City on April 8, 2023.

  • Had a good Thanksgiving lunch today at Mt.Man Axe throwing. Cory, Christie, and their whole crew just make it special every time we come in. Today was awesome because we got to try the New Thanksgiving pizza that Cory concocted and believe it or not it was really good. We had a great time and if you listen to Jimmy Clark on Today in Ag on Friday, I'm sure he will let you know who won the Axe throwing tournament.

  • He's been doing it for years and still loves it. Every year State Tournament falls on his Birthday and he celebrates it with Gold and Silver Balls at the Big House. Happy Birthday Shawn Wilson!

  • Exploring Energy Radio Show Host Shawn Wilson sits in his golf cart at the 2021 KECO/Moran Equipment Open

  • The Voice of Elk City and Exploring Energy Radio Show Host Shawn Wilson supervises fishers at the 8th Annual KECO Kids' Fishing Derby

  • The Voice of Elk City, Shawn Wilson, award a Big Fish Prize of $100 to a young fisher

  • Shawn Wilson hole in 1