October 12th, 2021

Today's Tradio Report

Tradio is heard every Monday through Friday from 10am – 11am. Listeners can either call OR text 580-225-9697 to buy, sell, or trade during that time (limit three (3) items per call/text. Limit one (1) call OR text per day, please). Non commercial items only please. If you would like to advertise your business please call 580-225-9696

FOR SALE: paperback books 580-682-0270

FOR SALE: heaters and four lots for sale 580-318-1512

FOR SALE: seasoned firewood & piano; will do tree trimming 580-660-0402

FOR SALE: 45 semi auto xds, 500; LTB turbin vent for barn & silver coins before 1964 & indian artifacts; will crack pecans 580-799-5928

FOR SALE: ford tractor, 4200; roll around dumpsters  580-530-0207

FOR SALE: ladies western boots, 25; large dresser with center mirror and stained glass with lighting, 275; sofa with matching pillows, 225  580-243-8364

FOR SALE: 1993 Ford F-150 XL black and silver with 134,000 miles, 1750; 12 gauge shotgun still in original packing, 225; 580-243-2008

LOOKING FOR: roofing iron 580-661-1595

FOR SALE: windmill towers with tails 580-439-4707 or 580-660-6588

FOR SALE: 6 foot grapple; 5 foot brush hog  580-471-6422

FOR SALE: 20 gallon long geiko tank with 2 geiko, 75; gray couch; looking for dressers  580-243-8336

FOR SALE: 2 cases of MREs (Menu A and menu B), 65 per case; 10,000 watt generator; hamm radio (kenwood ts 130s); rifle score (leiopold0); ingersoll rand compressor  580-379-2258

LOOKING FOR: queen size and twin mattress; washing machine; gas stove heaters  580-890-1270

FOR SALE: 4 red heeler mixed puppies, both parents on property, full blooded dad  580-500-7228

LOOKING FOR: someone that can straighten out a Quickbooks mess  580-303-8770

FOR SALE; winchester 101 20 gauge; marlin 22; buffalo bill commemorative 30/30  580-660-0512

FOR SALE: portable air conditioner; rocket dog shoes; fila shoes; paw patrol and minnie mouse shoes; doctor comfort shoes; baby furniture; baby clothes  580-799-0864

FOR SALE: 4 vat deep fryer; chain comealong; looking for farm work  580-660-1537

LOOKING FOR: an older style dozer   580-515-1878

FOR SALE: sideboard hutch w/o glass; two sewing machines; two small desks  580-928-3849

FOR SALE: 2 bed 2 bath duplex with new kitchen w a privacy fence  580-799-3005 or 580-243-9243 or 580-729-2104

FOR SALE: yorkshire pig, 250  580-500-7593

FOR SALE: 2009 GMC reg cab 1 ton over 200,000 miles  580-302-0984

FOR SALE: metal desk and metal shop cabinets  580-497-7916

FOR SALE: trailer; misc tools; generator; folding ladders; canopies; rc car  580-303-0477

FOR SALE: leftover items from yard sale; interior doors; exercise equipment  580-303-1570

LOOKING FOR: 3 1/2 drill pipe; for sale big block mopar with 727 transmission  580-339-3139

FOR SALE: mini lamancha goats; mini pig  580-821-6527

FOR SALE: boys size 6 carhart camo coat with hood, 20  580-821-1397

FOR SALE: 14 round bales lovegrass hay, 40/bale  580-799-0300

FOR SALE: recliner and another non reclining chair; dressers and end tables 580-374-8012

FOR SALE: 2005 pontiac sunfire, 121,000 miles 580-381-0615