Friday Morning Ag update

Today in Ag

Live cattle for feb. is $1.37, for April $1.41, feeder cattle for Feb. is $1.62, for march $1.66. Lean hogs for Feb. .77, for April .84, for May .91.

Wojimmy posing with smiling cowodward livestock Auction had their cow and bull sale Tuesday. Slaughter cows brought $62.50 to $75, slaughter bulls were bring $75 to $93. 3 year old bred cows brought $1375 to $1625. 5  to 9 year olds were bringing $900 to $1575.

Elk City Livestock Auction is going on today. Western Oklahoma Livestock sale will be Monday January 17th.

One of your cow/calf resolutions this year should be to listen to a trusted source for information and stop believing Dr Google.

Cash grain prices were down. HRW is $7.17, corn at $6.04, milo was $7.49, oats at $6.31 and cotton was at $1.17 a pound.

Today’s weather will be partly cloudy with highs in the 60.s. The north winds will hit hard tonight so get ready.

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