The Early Morning Show

The Early Morning Show Signature

Hosted by Nathan Brewer and Landry Brewer

Tune in to KECO radio Monday through Friday for an hour of fast-talking brothers who deliver the latest info in a fun and entertaining way. 

Wake up with the boys and start your day with some caffeinated conversation. 

The Early Morning Show Lineup

Hosts Nathan Brewer and his twin brother, Landry Brewer, will keep you informed on what is going on in the area, with some help from local officials and newspaper folks.


Beckham County Sheriff Derek Manning is on the show each Monday at 7:40am


“Tuesdays With Tom”–City Manager of Elk City, Tom Ivester


“What’s Up Wednesday” at 7:40am—find out what’s happening in Elk City, With Elk City Convention Center Director Julie Brewer


Thursdays we hear Mangum Star-News Reporter Casey Paxton at 7:05am


On Fridays Jeff Blackmon, publisher of the Wheeler County Star-News, calls in with updates from his neck of the woods.

Otherwise, we cut up, goof off, do hilarious impressions, sing our hearts out, ask trivia questions, talk about sports, talk about the weather, talk about local stuff, talk about state stuff, talk about…well, you get the idea—we talk a lot. It’s usually a lot of fun. 

Plus there’s music, entertainment news, politics, weather, and thoughts on personal life and relationship issues.