One on One

Episode 4 One on One with College Journalism Teacher Turned Administrator Joel Kendall

With family roots in Leedey and Cheyenne, this Mooreland native and OSU grad became a newspaper writer, then he taught kids at college how to write, and now he’s Associate Provost at SWOSU ...Read more

Episode 3 One on One With Karlese Ellison

Karlese Ellison talks about dealing with grief after losing her husband and finding love and happiness again. ...Read more

Episode 2 One on One with Cold War Kansas author Landry Brewer

Nathan Brewer goes One on One with Cold War Kansas Author Landry Brewer ...Read more

Episode 1 One on One with EC Mayor Nick Archer

EC Mayor Nick Archer Talks About Tough Decisions, Why He Serves, How He Met His Wife, and His Parents ...Read more