OBN Raids Medical Marijuana Farm – More Could Come

April 27, 2021

By News Director Jared Atha

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics conducted two raids Friday morning at a home and a medical marijuana farm in Logan County, seizing about ten to fifteen thousand plants due to criminal activity.

A couple months ago, OBN received a tip that there was marijuana being sold in bulk on the black market.

Mark Woodward, spokesman for OBN, said the business in Guthrie appears legal, however behind the scenes it is a different story saying OBN is looking at this as a criminal organization that is simply using Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program to continue to operate their illegal operation under the guise of a medical marijuana farm.

Woodward said it is hard to say how many plants had already been sold illegally, but said it’s clear from the evidence on the facility that they’ve had a number of harvests of several thousands of plants, with potentially fifteen to thirty thousand plants that are unaccounted for, that ended up on the black market before OBN ever got involved.

State agents located 11 people on the premises who were taken in for questioning, however no arrests were immediately made. Woodward did say, however, that he does anticipate arrests to made in the future.

Woodward said there are more raids coming in the future. He said that this is one of multiple operations that going on around the state.

Woodward said that the plants seized were burned.

OBN is actively investigating to find out how widespread this criminal organization was selling their product.