Elk City Introduces Ordinance to Annex Land – New Restaurant In the Works

January 21, 2021

By News Director Jared Atha

During the latest meeting of the Elk City Commission, the process of annexing land begun that could see the addition of a new fast food restaurant on East 7th Street.

During a public hearing before the introduction of the ordinance, it was revealed by land owner Boyd Mouse that he is in the final stages a completing the sale of land to a development company in the coming weeks.

The Commission is expected to vote on the ordinance during their next regularly scheduled meeting.

In other city business, it was announced that the city’s sales tax intake was above $1 million again at $1.6 million. But when compared to last year’s numbers it was down 8%.

Elk City’s use and cigarette tax intake was also down 2% each when compared to the numbers a year ago.