Local Bond Proposals See Little Resistance

January 13, 2021

By News Director Jared Atha

Local propositions were decided at the ballot box Tuesday.

In the Hammon School District, with the bond that paid for the Hammon Community Center being paid off, voters within the school district were asked to approve a new bond that would see major upgrades to the elementary building and the agriculture farm. The 10-year bond passed with 67% of the voters approving.

A bond proposition in the Town of Arapaho virtually had no competition, garnering 100% of the yes vote.

In the Town of Burns Flat, voters were asked to continue a one-cent sales tax that would see half a penny go to parks and recreation, a quarter of the penny fund the town’s EMS, while the other quarter would fund the town’s Fire Department.

That proposition passed with ease, gaining 96% approval at the ballot box.