Elk City Approves Final Payment For Turf Project

December 24, 2020

By News Director Jared Atha

The turf project at the 5-plex baseball and softball fields in Elk City’s Ackley Park West and the baseball field in Ackley Park has officially been paid for.

Sort of.

During the latest Elk City Commissioner’s meeting the commission approved the final pay application to Hellas Construction, the company that the city had bought the material from and who installed the turf. The budgeted item was for just under $275,000.

However, City Manager Tom Ivester says the city will put a hold on the check.

The other bill was for damaged lights that Hellas allegedly damaged during the construction process. Ivester said that Hellas was going to deduct the cost of repair off the final bill. He says he wants to make sure that that deduction was indeed honored.

The turf project was a part of the city’s CAPPs initiative.