Elk City Sales Tax Down – Still in Good Shape

October 23, 2020

By News Director Jared Atha

Despite being down when compared to a year ago, the Elk City sales tax numbers are still strong considering the city is operating during a pandemic.

Financial adviser for the City Meredith Meacham Wilson says although the numbers for the month of September are down when compared to a year ago, the city is prepared for this thanks in large part to smart budgeting by the commission back in June.

Overall for the month of September, sales tax intake was down 21% when compared to last year, use tax was down 21% while the city’s cigarette tax was up 1%.

In other city news, the commission continued the search for a new city treasurer on Wednesday during their regular meeting. During an executive session the commission interviewed multiple candidates for the job. Ultimately no action was taken after the executive session.