Shawn Wilson

Shawn grew up on a dairy farm in Harrisonville, MO.  He attended University of Missouri then moved to OK in March of 1981 where he began work in the oilfield.  He met his wife Gina and they were married in 1984.  He has three children: Elizabeth, McKenna, & Levi, two grandchildren: Maylee & Eden.  He served as the President of the E.C. Softball Association and on the E.C. Board of Education for eleven years with eight of those as President.  Shawn has been a member of the 1st Christian Church Disciples of Christ in E.C. since 1988 and he has been song leader for the traditional service for over twenty-five years.  Shawn began his radio career in 1988 with KADS and remained the voice of E.C. sports until 2015.  He became a full-time employee in 1997.  He is currently the Co-Host of Exploring Energy and he’s the sports director and advertising specialist.

Words from the Staff: “Always smiling.”  “He has a lot of connections and can get you all kinds of discounts.  He’s a really good friend to have and knows everyone.”  “Pure energy.”  “He brings a zest for life to all his broadcasts.”  “Fast, very energetic, you really need to listen to what he says, otherwise you miss it.”  “Don’t worry, I’ve got the coffee.”  “Class clown.”  “Every time you talk to him it’s like catching up with a really excited friend you haven’t seen in ten years.” “He is a real team player, always upbeat and willing to help.”