New Texas Theater Sign Hung

October 12, 2015
     By Paul Joseph, Paragon News Director –
Shamrock is continuing to celebrate the remodeling of a local landmark.
The Texas Theater just got its new neon sign and city leaders got it hung just last week.
Shamrock Mayor Buck Weatherby says the new sign is as close to being a replica of the first one – hung years ago – as possible.
Weatherby says getting the sign picked out, bought and paid for was a long community process.  Several groups had their hand in it.
The mayor says the city decided a few years ago to spend the necessary investment of about $85-thousand dollars and keep with the new digital age by buying new digital equipment.   He says movies aren’t released on film anymore and if they were to keep a movie theater open, they had to bite the bullet and make the expenditure. 
Weatherby says the town of about 2-thousand people is lucky to have such a nice movie theater and, he says, its open three days a week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday showing the latest first run, commercial movies.      
The $30-thousand dollar neon sign arrived last Wednesday and its installation began almost immediately.
With its hanging, Weatherby says the remodeling of the theater is almost complete.       
The movie Everest in 3D is showing now.  War Room is set to start soon.

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