MARCH 6, 2020


Tradio is heard every Monday through Friday from 10am – 11am and Saturdays from 9am – 10am. Callers can call or text 580-225-9697 to buy, sell, or trade during that time (limit three items per call please). Non commercial items only please. If you would like to advertise your business please call 580-225-9696

FOR SALE:  2001 Dodge one ton; Lincoln 200 pipeliner 799-5928

For sale: dining room table and 8 chairs; stove–gas burner top, elec. below  243-9619

For Sale:  ’78 or ’79 Thunderbird boat–or TRADE  for work car 339-2051 or 660-6537

want to buy:  9 millimeter, fridg, flat top elec. stove 301-3873

want to buy:  backhoe bucket w/forks; hatching eggs; little welding machine 405-351-0087

for sale:  Mossburg 6.5 Creedmore 754-3971

looking for job–has Class A CDL, 2 months experience

for sale:  honda


b: single wheel spike bed for long bed Ford

for sale: Ford 9,000 truck, single axle semi


for sale: early 90s or late 80s compact diesel tractor

for sale: 2001 Yamaha dirt bike


for sale: shotgun and rifle at El Dorado


yard sale Saturday 11-4  at 311 S. Calloway in Elk City

tills gardens and does odd jobs

for sale:  44 plastic tubs


For Sale: Ozark Trail Tent

For Sale: Another Tent

For Sale: 50″ Sanyo Smart TV


for sale: 15′ awning for travel trailer 821-1581

2003 Delta Gooseneck horse trailer 16′ long and 6′ wide


for sale: ’97 Toyota Avalon


for sale: refurbished propane tanks

for sale:  stainless steel sink

for sale;  14′ WW stock trailer


for sale:  8′ fiberglass ladder w/platform

for sale:  pair of men’s boots, 8.5 western boots

does roto-tilling for gardens


want to buy: bottom plow


for sale: ’04 Dodge 3/4 ton farm truck


tomorrow (Sat) Erick chicken auction


for sale:  350 Chevy engine


want to buy: 2 or 3 bales of big round or square alfalfa hay 374-2622

want to buy: drill press


for sale:  riding mower, tools