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Hosted by Jimmy Clark

Today in Ag 7-30-2021

Musick Farms Jimmie Musick Mr. Musick talked about his recent trip to Washington DC with a group of young Ag men from Oklahoma.

Today in Ag 7-29-2021

Vignal-Thurmond Centennial Farms, Gary, Cody, Chance Gary and his sons explained how they changed their ops around after downsizing. 300 head of cattle on 450 acres!!

Today in Ag 7-27-2021

Brandon Hickey Elk City Livestock and Western Oklahoma Livestock Auction Barns Brandon talked with me about how things have changed since 2008 in our area since he bought Elk City Livestock Auction. Plus how green the grass

Today in Ag 7-23-2021

Hobart FFA Ag Instructor Mackie Brooks with students Alexa, Hudson, Levan Hobart Ag instructor Mackie Brooks and her FFA students stopped by to talk leadership and stock shows.

Today in Ag 7-22-2021

Dr. Taylor Mouse Stockmans Vet Clinic Dr. Mouse talked to us about some of her adventures during her OSU days of learning to become a vet. Her help at vet clinic is all family and close friends.

Today in Ag 7-21-2021

Reydon FFA instructor Kelly Gwartney, FFA Students Tyler York and Barret Thompson Great show with Mr Gwartney and his students. They told Jancy and me all about stock shows and their Covid adventures

Today in Ag 7-20-2021

Lacey Swope Channel 9 Meteorologist/Quenton Elliot Elk City Farmers COOP Lacey gave us our hot long ranger forecast. Quenton manager at the Elk City farmers COOP chated with us about feed and fert. prices.

Today in Ag 7-19-2021

SEB Farms, Bernie Hansen Bernie gave out lots of information on Omegas. Improving production with cattle, swine, poultry, land and people. And improving the bottom dollar.

Today in Ag 7-16-2021

Dan Cook Roger Mills County OSU Extension Office Dan spoke with me on how the rainfalls have affected nutrients in the soil. Also testing sorghum’s on acid and nitrate poisoning

Today in Ag 7-15-21

NFRR Conservation District -Cassandra Ausher Cassandra explained all the present and future projects happening in the North Fork Conservation district.

Today in Ag 7-14-2021

Canute FFA Instructor Jeff Conner and Colt Randle Jeff talked about the changes in teaching Ag during the pandemic. Colt told us about winning the OYE show with his hamp lamb.

Today in Ag 7-13-2021

Lacey Swope News Channel 9 Meteorologist Lacey talked about fishing, bats in the cave, the drought out west and our possible upcoming wet weather.

Today in Ag 7-12-2012

Oklahoma Ag Special Agent Paul Cornett Agent Cornett was telling me about different kinds of Ag theft. Surprising cattle thief’s were down.  

Today in Ag 7-8-2021

Dust bowl Days Farm ans Ranch Days Nelda Tucker and Joe Merrick stopped by and told me all about what was happening at the festival at Sayre this weekend.

Today in Ag – 7-7-2021

Brent Meador North Fork Electric Coop Brent and I talked about keeping NFEC North Fork. He talked about the change in billing on irrigation, solar and green power.

Today in Ag – 7-6-21

Lacey Swope Channel 9 Weather Meteorologist Lacey talked about the high humidity in western Oklahoma and why the winds have been more out of the SE instead of out of the southwest.

Today in Ag-7-2-2021

OSU Extension officers Greg Hartman ans Zach Henderson Greg and Zach gave updates on wheat harvest, gardening, bugs and cattle.

Today in Ag-7-1-2021

Marcus Thibodeau Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Marcus talked about cattle grazing and wildlife management on WMA’s in Oklahoma

Today in Ag-6-30-21

Kathy Fowler/Fowler Agency Kathy Fowler with Fowler Agency discussed crop insurance and issues happening with our local Ag industry.

Today in Ag – June 28,2021

Jimmy Musick talks Wheat and Ag Jimmy Musick of Musick Farms and Cattle Co. talks wheat and farming in general. He also talked about items in the plans in Washington DC dealing with water.

Today in Ag-June 23

Jimmy Taylor of the Taylor Ranch Jimmy Taylor was our guest talking cattle, weaning , breeding, DNA testing.

Today in Ag – June 21, 2021

Oklahoma Ag in the classroom My guest was Audrey Harmon with the Oklahoma dept of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry. She discussed the recent trip to western Oklahoma with 51 school teachers from all over  the state. They

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