Today in Ag

Judge a Cattle Thief??

Illegal Parking Tickets and Stealing Cattle A judge in Loving Texas arrested on 3rd degree felony cattle thief. When cattle strayed onto private property the judge and a few helpers will load them ...Read more

Reindeer have Hairy Feet

Reindeer are Low Maintenance They have hairy feet for warmth and traction. Their feet are actually large and click loudly. A 1 day old baby can outrun the fastest human on earth. ...Read more

Interview: Jimmy Emmons

Soil Health and making Changes Jimmy talked about leaving armor on the soil and using cover crops. Both will help you in cutting fertilizer and weed control cost.         ...Read more

Interview: James Bigley

Ranch’s of America James talked about bigger ranch’s are still selling good even with higher interest rates. Also he talked about the difference in deeded and non-deeded ranch’s. ...Read more

Interview: James Boone

2023 Annual Ag Tech Invitational Junior and senior high school kids are coming to Plainsview, Tx. They will competing for 60,000 in scholarships and 30,00 in prizes. ...Read more