Today in Ag

Today in Ag

Interview: Shayle Stewart

Cattle Market News with Shayle Stewart Shayle and her husband have a Sim/Angus operation in Wy. She talked to me about last years cattle market and what we can hopefully look forward to this year ...Read more

Lacey Swope

Interview: Lacey Swope

Lacey Swope Channel 9 Meteorologist Lacey announced a new member of the Swope family will arrive in June. She did not see any relief to the drought in the near future. ...Read more

Today in Ag

2022 Outlook on Ag

Outlook on Beef and Grains Experts are forecasting a good year ahead for cotton, cattle and small grains. A lot will depend on the drought going on in most of the USA right now. ...Read more

Today in Ag 12-30-2021

Grain Prices and Drought Grain prices were slightly down. Cotton prices continue to remain high. Most of western Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle are in a D3 extreme drought category. ...Read more