April 7 Election Results

April 7, 2021

By News Director Jared Atha

Beckham County Voters returned to the polls Tuesday for the Erick and Hammon School District Board of Education General Election and also Cities of Elk City, Erick and Sayre Council member General Election.

Starting in the City of Elk City, Rocky Andresen will assume the Commissioner Ward 3 seat after garnering 76% approval. In Erick, David Brinkley obtained 75% of the vote to win the Ward 2 Council Member seat over challenger Mark T. Byrne, and in Sayre, Cheryl McLean grabbed 70% of the vote to win the Ward 2 Council Member Seat over challenger Sonya Blagg.

School board seats were also up for grabs in the area. In Hammon, a tight race for the Office Number 1 seat was won by Clay Ivey by getting 54% of the vote over Aubrey Christian. Two school board seats were up for grabs on the Erick School Board. Office Number 1 was won by Justin Miller with 68% approval over Colby Holland, and Office Number 3 will be filled by Robert Lee Williams after he gained 54% approval over Michelle Cox.

Other area elections saw Sheri Parsons gain 58% of the vote for the Council Member Ward 1 position in the City of Cordell. Also in Cordell Tad Boone received 60% of the vote for the Ward 4 seat. One school board seat in the Cordell School District was also up for grabs. Jeff Jaronek gained 54% of the vote to win the Office Number 1 seat, and in Reydon David Wright received 53% of the vote to take the Officer Number 1 Seat in that school district. In Weatherford, Dawn Keller grabbed 63% of the vote for the Officer Number 1 seat on the school board.