Chad Sullins and the Last Call Coalition invoke a Wicked Spell...and a waltz or two!

While everyone usually waits until Tuesday of any given week to unleash their latest project, that damn band from Stillwater breaks yet another "norm" by releasing their latest album "Wicked Spell" a full day before the rest of the world.  If "Incommunicado" was a wild and reckless Saturday night fueled by booze, smoke, and hard partying ways, "Wicked Spell" is the Sunday morning coming down.  This album is not a full "180" for the band from Stillwater. It is just the other side of the coin. Still plenty of rock n' roll, but with a more defined country (and sometimes a three-quarter time) twist. As a whole, this album feels as if it comes from the secret "deep down" places of a road weary rock n' roller as he reflects on the cost of his ways.  At times, it is easy to imagine Chad Sullins standing on top of a mountain screaming the lyrics at the heavens, getting all of 2013 off of his chest.  The album leads off with what is pretty much the only throwback to the hard edge sound of Incommunicado, the title track "Wicked Spell".  It is a tale of love gone wrong set to the sounds of Josh Rutz searing lead guitar while drummer, Jeremy Clark, keeps perfect time and new comer Jesse "Beans" Holcomb slaps the bass.  The lead off single "Couple 1000 Miles" is an introspective look into the cost of living life on the road. In an interview on The Backroads, Chad told us the song was written on bar coasters as he thought about the personal issues he was facing at the time.  

The album does take an interesting "left turn" when you get to the track "Might Leave in the Fall". This track is a fun, laid back, blues jam from our favorite rock band that plays country music.  With the 90mph opening, to the lead off single, the fun blues boot stomper, and a couple waltzes (yes, LCC does know how to play a waltz), "Wicked Spell" has more than earned a place in your music collection. From personal issues to turmoil within the ranks, the Last Call Coalition has put together what may be a declaration of determination with "Wicked Spell".

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