New-day Tuesday

I have been trying my best to get caught up on the podcast.  Good news: We've had a lot of artists in.  Bad news: it's a lot to go through.  I'm going to try in the mean time to keep you caught up on new releases.

Today I woke up eagerly awaiting my chance to purchase the latest album from Thieving Birds. The latest effort from the quad piece from Fort Worth is titled Gold Coast, and appropiately so as almost every single track from the album inspires feelings and memories of "laid-back" times somewhere on the coast sipping on a cold drink and soaking in the atmosphere.  The lead off single "In the Summer" has quickly become a favorite of mine to play while I grill in the back yard.  It is their unique blend of southern rock, classic rock, blues, and americana that has given me cause to gravitate towards the Thieving Birds.  If you like your Tom Petty with a hint of Black Crowes and blues, Thieving Birds are for you!

Get the album here!

While I was trading tweets with Thieving Birds and my good friend from Red Dirt Blue Collar, a good friend of mine pointed my attention to the last release from Casey Cainan. He's traversed the African landscape! He has a hobby that includes hanging out with honest-to-God tigers! Just as importantly, and for those of us 'round here, he's also one hell of a songwriter.  African Americana is the new album from Casey Cainan, and after listening to all of the previews I clicked "buy" without blinking an eye. There is something to be said about stripped down, heartfelt story telling.  Every track on the album takes you musically on a journey through the entire gambit of human emotion.  From toe tapping sing-alongs, to somber travels through blues laced heartache African Americana delivers on all fronts.  If you are a fan of classic singer/song writers who put more into a song than boobs that look great in a tank top, Casey McCoy Cainan has exactly what you need!

Get the album here!

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