US State Department Gives Time for Keystone XL Review

April 18, 2014
WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department is giving federal agencies more time to review the Keystone XL pipeline before deciding whether to issue a permit.
That could push a decision about the controversial oil pipeline until after the midterm elections in November.
The State Department is citing a recent decision by a Nebraska judge that overturned a state law that allowed the

Sayre Looks at Retail Spec Building

April 17, 2014
     By Paul Joseph
The City of Sayre is interested in building some “spec” buildings in the downtown area for future retail growth.

Cordell Calls For Special Election

April 15, 2014
     By Paul Joseph
The Cordell City Council has called for a special summer time election to fill the void left in their town’s top spot.

Sayre Alumni Events as Big as Easter

April 15, 2014
     By Paul Joseph
Easter is big news in all the land.  Easter is, perhaps, bigger in Oklahoma than most any other state. 

Personal Injury Accident Mincher

April 16, 2014
     By Paul Joseph
A Cordell man is in critical condition in an Oklahoma City Hospital after a pickup accident just north of Cordell.

American Aquarium In-Studio Exclusive

In case you missed American Aquarium in studio last week, here is the audio including an exclusive performance!

Parker Millsap and the Holy Ghost

One of the best of 2014 so far, Parker Millsap's self titled album, deserves a place in your collection. Here's why...

Lions and Tigers and Six Strings! Oh my!

The tiger man, Casey McCoy Cainan, has done it yet again! Pick up your copy of "Predator Lullabies"!

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