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Happy Thursday Cowboy Country!
This week has been insane.  I am currently scheduling several artists to be in the studio, working on setting up a big Halloween special, and working on securing some very "special" guests before the election in November!  On top of all this, I'm finally caught up on Sons of Anarchy, Copper, American Horror Story, and Walking Dead!  Let's break down a few things:

First I want to know who YOU think is behind the home invasions on Sons of Anarchy.  Our office/traffic manager Connie seems to think that in some twisted way that it's Clay.  I'm partial to thinking that Darby's crew has something to do with it.  Stop by the "Back Roads" page and vote for who you think is behind it all.

Secondly , congrats to Adam Hood on his recent marriage!  Adam secured himself a beautiful woman and his single "Hard Times In the Land of Plenty" is gaining speed on the Texas charts.  It is currently #13 on the Texas Music Chart and #14 on the Texas Regional Radio Report!

Thirdly (if that's a word), I am searching for a place to do a "Paranormal Investigation" before Halloween hits.
Feel free to suggest a place, and if you know of or are part of a team hit me up.

That's all for now! Bottoms up!
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