Domestic AB by Strangulation

October 12, 2015
     By Paul Joseph, News Director –
An Elk City man charged with domestic assault and battery by strangulation is out of jail on bond.
According to an Elk City Police report, when police arrived at an Elk City residence recently in reference to a domestic violence call, 20-year-old Zachary Keith Christy told police, “Go ahead and arrest me.”  He then placed his hands behind his back, however, police told him he wasn’t under arrest at that time.
Officers observed a younger female crying and an older female standing near a vehicle in the driveway.  The younger female told police that Christy had grabbed her by the neck and choked her.  The report says police identified a cut on her cheek and two red marks on both sides of her neck. 
Christy allegedly told officers that he had grabbed her and was trying to get her out of the residence and that he might have grabbed her by the neck.  He also told police that the victim had allegedly hit him during the incident and that her grandmother had arrived to pick up the younger victim.  At one point, the grandmother allegedly slapped Christy.  He told police that he attempted to spit in her face in retaliation.
He asked one of the officers if he might “put his dog up” that had gotten lose and then told police they couldn’t come inside whereupon police reportedly told Christy that if he was going inside, they were, too.  A scuffle with police ensued and Christy was arrested and taken to jail.
He bonded out last Tuesday awaiting his next court date.
According to online court records, his initial appearance is Thursday in Beckham County District Court.

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